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How to avoid the westbound traffic jam
on the A303 just before Stonehenge

This is where for the first time the road goes down
from dual carriageway to single lane
after splitting off from the M3 motorway.



Number of days to summer 2020 solstice = 339

Goverment gives goahead for tunnel bypass




set waypoint postcodes SP4 7DY - London road Amersbury and SP4 7EU Amersbury church street


Quicker route if the A303 traffic jam does not start before the A345

Stay on the A303 until the A345 roundabout/traffic lights.
At this roundabout, turn left onto A345 towards Amersbury.

straight on at amersbury traffic lights At traffic lights with Murco petrol station on the left, straight on.

righ and right at amersbury double roundabout Turn right and right at double mini roundabout into Salisbury Street - this is one way street through shopping area.

left turn into church street amersbury At end, turn left into Church street. (Satnav postcode SP4 7EU)
Keep straight on this road all the way, it merges back into A303 just as the A303 goes to single lane, so you just get the last bit of the queue.
And you can save up to 30 minutes avoiding being stuck on the dual carriage way in the traffic jam.


set waypoint postcode SP4 7EU Amersbury church street


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